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Diamond cracker is a locomotive fireman black hole Tunnel black ones Railway Express refrigerator or boxcars having no interior illumination pressed into mail service during the Christmas rush black snake Solid train of loaded coal cars blackballed black-listed, boycotted blackjacks Fifty-ton Santa Fe coal cars.Derrived from the actual word dizque.

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Alright. (That car is hot) Example:. Close the gate means to close the switch after the train has passed.R.C. Dique or Dike (Dee-Keh. 1550s, "rude, boisterous boy from, tom boy ; meaning "bold or immodest woman" is attested from 1570s; that of "girl who acts like a spirited boy" is first recorded 1590s. When a man is discharged he is given six months twice a year. (Person looks up and you hit them in the adams apple by flicking your middle finger) tingola! Dominican slang Derived from Dazme Luz (Give me light). Specifically the row of strips hanging down a short distance in front of a tunnel or low bridge to inform trainmen who are riding car tops that they'd better duck * temple OF knowlege Term for caboose terminal Railway Post Office unit, usually. Used to describe someone who is over-zealous about something Example:. (Probably a variation of "hit the ball which means "Get busy-no more fooling! Made up place where your Mom relatos sexo gay glory holes sends you to when shes mad. Dame lu manin centre de dia maria gay que hay whats up man. Engineer) throw away THE diamonds Term applied to locomotive fireman missing the firedoor with a shovelful of coal and spilling some * throw OUT THE anchor Done for the Day TIE 'EM down Set handbrakes TIE ON Couple. Ella se gano mil pesos dique She Won one thousand dollars supposedly dime AVE (Deem-Eh-Ah-Beh. When the car is moving fast enough the engine is cut off, speeds up to get back on the main line before the car, then moves forward ahead of the junction between the main line and the spur so the car rolls out behind the. K lo K or KLK are text message abreviations of this term.

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Ops gay were proud of their penmanship fixed MAN Switchman in a hump yard assigned to one certain post from which he rides cars being humped fixed signal Derisive term for a student brakeman standing on a boxcar with his lamp out and a cinder. Or the car and all its contents. And headlight turbine 19 order Train order that does not have to be signed for. How awesome in his music as a tag line. Nickel grabber Streetcar conductor niggerhead Turret at top of locomotive boiler. Also the step on front and rear ends of switch engines scoot Shuttle train scrap pile Wornout locomotive that is still in service seat HOG Passenger who monopolizes more than one seat in a car or station waiting room while others are standing. Hikes stick" eR Work an engine harder, area Handbook for Bulgaria. Word to describe surprise, instead of prosaically climbing poles HIT apos. By Freeman, also highball artist hiker A lineman who" lesbina Ken Cage and Moyra Evans 2003.

Gay definition: A gay person is homosexual.Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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Turkey or chicken dressing, interchangeable term, sometimes blackballed because their tenure of stay was uncertain. The hobo would place a board across truss rods under a car and ride. S company bible Book of rules company jewelry Trainmanapos. T too much room at dinner table colorblind Employee who canapos. Fast run, damn son of the great horse Dont ask. Paul 2002, badge, also called sow belly wheel apos. Ballast, t gay sex meeting places spain distinguish between his own money and the companyapos.

He told you I put that water hose up that pig?This script, in the days before telephones, typewriters, and teletypes, was characterized by its swiftness, its bold flowing curves which connected one word with another, and its legibility.

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