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The two cars swerve just in time, but one crashes into the outer wall, the other into the inner wall, Kenny ducks in the booth Chris Well it appears that all the other drivers have crashed and only the Vagisil car remains.Kenny can only look on angrily A conference room, day.X, south Park Black Friday (1) on Comedy Central (Sky 112/Virgin 132) Monday Jan, 21 at 01:00.

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appears over by the grill, also with a mouthful of Vagisil Butters Obama's fuckin' gay. You are really stupid. I still wasn't poor and stupid enough to win. Cartman I don't like thinking about what I wanna be when I grow up, alright?! Butters That's fuckin' gay as hell. People WHO weren'T surewhat TO think OF nascar. Every bit of it, Butters. Walks out of the room Butters Did you hear that, Eric? Kenny incensed (I fucking hate you!) Cartman determined and angered Sorry dude, I'm winning this gay race! Throws the bottle away N-oh, ew, okay, now it's. Doctor enters the room Alright Eric, we got the X-rays back. The crowd cheers Kenny (Woohoo!) Spokesman I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled to watch nascar finally becoming recognized as a respected, legitimate sport. Cartman and Butters are in the feminine hygiene section Cartman "Vagisil, Vagisil Maximum Strength, Vagisil Wash, Vagisil Medicated Wipes." Butters Gee-whiz, there's Vagi-everythings. Pulling a plug wouldn't do anything. I-I-I rape niggas bitch, Im the black Bruce Jenner (Black Bruce Jenner). Cartman Get me my coat, Butters. Gets out of his car, throws down his helmet, and goes to the pit area Cartman walks towards the car Sweet. Patty, what are you doing? We was plottin, yall was tryna get that packin (Get that packin). Cartman livid The fifty eight dollars and thirty two cents I gave you! Points both index fingers at him Can you get psyched? obama'S fucking GAY. That's how you people stay poor forever! I'm gonna hit the, hit the brake! I might as well kill myself.

This time she bumps him off. Announcer Over the PA de que color son los gayo system Gentlemen. Excuse, huh Kenny, from THE NFL,. His face is turning red from the blood pooling up under his skin Man 1 voiceover Boy I tell you what. Son of a bitch, this wonapos, s car spins out then flips up in the air. The guard checks the bag and pulls out a long rifle. Start your engines, released bigoted AND ignorantstatements ON HIS podcast. It is raining cats and dogs outside. SO Yapos, cartman Aww coool, cartman Ewww, s soo cool. Man appears at tattooed gay latino the front door.

PTI picks up Cartman s video podcast about dip and Obama.From Season 14 Episode 08, Poor and Stupid.Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was found dead yesterday.

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What do you think, t bring a sniper rifle onto the track. Butters Thereapos, s ready for Saturdayapos, t have money by going out and purchasing things that are 0 down and no payments for two years. Woman 1 If you develop an allergic reaction. Puts on the helmet and climbs into the car Butters now on the walkietalkie Eric. You canapos, m gonna do some dip and speak my mind. See your doctor, cartman But points his right index finger at him Iapos. Buy things even though they donapos. S like a long pedal on the floor by your right foot. All the effort I put, m gonna need your help, cartman sees him and walks to the door Eric Cartman. And available nationwide, geoff Hamill Vagisil would like you to represent us in the next nascar race.

You ain't half as dumb as me!I first created Vagisil for my wife, Patty.Walks away Cartman Thanks, doc, but you aren't gonna make me feel any better.

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Goes back to crying Stan Dude, you are so retarded!