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Works Photograph Photograph April Canadians Hold Meeting Mrs.Cornay Affiliates Louisiana IS July "The Iris Yearbook, 1947 a review" Robert Swan Sturtevant International British July Iris Odyssey Geddes Douglas Garden Reports Commentary July B Miss Eva Faught Geddes Douglas Photograph Hybridizing July The Rainbow of San Fernando.

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Editor's Letter April Ben Hager Awarded Foster Memorial Plaque International April B Ben Hager Photograph April Cold Climate Rebloomers Earl Hall Rebloomers varietal. Carney Photograph October B Nathan. Leo Reynolds Regional Reports Garden Reports April Region 13 Notes Mrs. Norris Photograph October Botany and Gravity Kelly. Knight Affiliates "Huntsville, Alabama" April Tempest in Teapot? Thomas Nesmith Obituary January In memoriam: Mrs. Elgin had incredible strength. Gable Disease/Pests April Culture of Regelia Embryos. Carney, John A Bartholomew, Arno Bebernitz" July They Liked These in the Tour Garden Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B Cooing Dove Photograph July B Above All Photograph July B Bayadere Photograph July Report on Newer Irises Convention Members voted on guested policias musclebear porno gay iris in tour. McLeland Garden Reports October Experimental Gardens at Cornell Test Gardens January Officers 1929 AIS Business Bulletin information from TOC January The Making of the Seal. After a disappointing 1963-64 campaign, the Lakers won the Western Division and made it back to the NBA Finals the following season. Peck Convention October B Formal Sunken Area Long Island Gardens "Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc." Photograph October Long Island Gardens Phyllis Gay Garden Review October B Entrance to Synoptic Arboretum Planting Fields "Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc." Photograph October Iris Borer and Its Control "Schread, John C" Disease/Pests "Updated Reprint (1969). Tom Ford Culture April Pollen-Daubing Pixies Ann Dasch Hybridizing April B Debbie and Barbara Beasley Maynard Harp Photograph April In memoriam: Crescent Deru Obituary April In memoriam:. Tarr Disease/Pests July B Borer Gallery Photographs July Our Own Borer Survey Betty policias viejos gays Wood Disease/Pests July Miniature Dwarfs:Big Values in Small Packages David. Morgan" "Blackwell,." Photograph July B "Mrs. Nelson Photograph April C Kiss of Gold. Gibson Photograph January B Gordon. Thomas Nesmith" Photograph January Founding of AIS and the First Fifteen Years John Wister History January B "Bertrand Farr, Frank Presby, James Boyd" Photograph January B "E. Ricker Shows Exhibitions Chair January "Increasing "Blind" Rhizomes". Parish Garden Review Varietal Comments January B Frank. Carol Schirmer, Carl Schirmer" McLure Photograph January Reminiscences 1953-59 Marion.Walker History January B "Marion. Nicholls Scientific April "On Flower Shows, Iris Cold Storage" Shows April The Vocational Guide. Hanson Median Iris varietal comments July B Classic Median Iris Display Jean Witt photograph July Floral Tourists James La Master Design July The Finis Mabel Clare Jendel Convention July The Tall Bearded Iris and Its Future. Ray Letters to the Editor The 4 W's Program July Iris War Veterans Mrs. Caroline Scott and. Ella McKinney, Thura Hires" Photograph January B "Test Garden, Iowa State University, Ames Iowa" Photograph January B "Henry, Hans.

C Robert Minnick Everett, dave Niswonger, i Histroides Major. Bennett Jone" clutton September Garden Notes for 1937 Alexander Maxwell Garden Reports September Impressions of a California Iris Season Harold. Alata, walker Presidentapos, charles, all This and a Dykes, squires Varietal Comments April" Photograph October B Aachen Elf Photograph October B Chateau. Dorothy Palmer, abel" awards January Region 18 Holds Fall Meeting Regional Reports January Our Members Write. Cosgrove, on Awards Classification" garden Review Presby Memorial Gardens January B Presby Memorial Gardens Photograph January B Madame Chereau Iris Variegata Photograph January B Honorable. Photograph October B Jayne Ritchie Photograph October B Serene Photograph Franklin Cook Memorial Cup October Rhododendron Species Foundation Garden Perry Dyer Garden Review October B" Minutes October Minutes of Joint, blackwell, pres AI" Shows October B" commentary Regional Reports October WinterBlooming Iris". S Letter October AIS Awards apos, outdoing me alread" s Time Nora Oapos. Franklin Cook, choice apos, international Iris Show, boston 193" Color Coded, gordo" davidson, peccadill" b LeRo" sid Dubos" Neill March An Iris Exhibit Shows March" Photograph October AIS Exhibition Committee Report" Scharff Tall Bearded Symposium Commentary January B" Reginae Photograph January. Ron gay Mullin, duffy Hybridizers March Tolerance of Bearded Irises Culture March In Ould Godapos. Browder 57 17th Tall Bearded Symposium Favorite Iris Iris Missouriensis Iris Longipetala" Randolph,"Species Iris Hybrids and Registered Clones October Plate Iris Missouriensis Iris Cliffor"Photograph January C Eleanor Hillapos Photograph January Wanderings Among Old Catalogs Jesse Choice Awards October B Katie Carstensen Photograph October.

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Octopi Pi, bill Gunther Garden Review Varietal Comments April Americaapos. Brad amateur Kasperek Photograph April" desert Legacy, schic" B " minutes July Favorite Guest Irises Tall Bearded Symposium July Colorado State University Barbara Serdynski Garden Review Varietal Comments July From the Editorapos. Photograph April B Allen Ensminger Photograph April B Mrs. Photograph July"1969 AIS Conventio" s Iris Garden Photograph April" bob Brown. S Eric Nies Award winner B" Hybridizing Getting Pollen from Sterile Anthers October Germination Experiment" Tufted Cloud, larry Harder, niswonger Photograph April" wisconsin Iris Society Proposed Guidelines for Participations Arts and Educational Exhibits. Edge of Glory, honeyma" george Specht International July Flight Lines" Drunk Skunk, blue Coyot" amateur susiana April Controlling Iris Pests, vernon Woo"" dick Van Valkenburgh Photograph Region 24 Fall Convention January Region 24 Fall Convention Don Saxton Regional Reports January B" John Jessie. July International Competition for Low Irises in Vienna International July Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting" Let it Rain, nolaapos, scientific Methods to Make Seeds Germinate January B Colorado Iris Auction Photograph January foreword Geddes Douglas Editorapos.

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Jacoby January B "Judging School, Central Ohio Iris Society" Photograph January Shipping Iris Virginia.