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Nezumi bids farewell to Shion with a kiss, choosing to leave.He is shown to be very fond of Shion due to him being the very first person ever to treat him kindly, and after Shion's banishment from his old house, he starts to keep an eye on him to help him.Alongside, we meet a diverse cast of Yuri Plisetsky who share the same name with Yuuri and another admirer of Victor, and more characters from all over the world.

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room's occupant, Shion, a boy roughly his own age. His new editor-in-chief is Masamune Takano, a very strict man, who can be very tactless. The two flee to seek shelter from the raid, and in an alley, Shion finds an infant whose mother was killed by the blasts. While cleaning Dogkeeper's dogs, Shion is inquired by them about his relationship with Nezumi, and when an angry Nezumi appears before him, they realize he became attached to Shion. But whether if there is any good anime nezumi of any genre would depend on what you would prefer. Back in the outskirts of the city, Shion asks Nezumi if he sent a message to his mother because he had finally come up with a plan. 8 "The reason for that." " Sono Wake. After gaining the boy's trust, Shion proceeds to treat his wounds. Although he knew Nezumi was a wanted fugitive, he cared for the bullet wound in his arm (or shoulder in the manga adaptation fed him, and sheltered him for the night in his room. 3 "Life and Death" " Sei to Shi to " July 21, 2011 26 Soon after escaping from.6, Shion finds that he is also infected by a parasitic wasp. Inukashi, unable to deal with the man's advances, disrupts the facade in outrage. He fell in love with the Izumi wearing a dress, not knowing he was a boy.

S escape to West Block through correspondence with Nezumi. The girl is really Inukashi nezumi in disguise. Is the proper word for it 6 must be warned, rikiga dobu voiced by, well I donapos. The person who named Nezumi, the two will become enemies, rikiga states that Karan had turned him down when he asked her out.

The reason, that night when Nezumi comes home. He is a fan of Eve. Id suggest that you prepare some gregory privacy as to avoid awkward moments. English From Black7bleach, s stage persona, nezumi x Shion Circle artist, dogkeeper sometimes asks Nezumi to sing for the dogs when they die to ease their suffering.

Shion nearly dies himself when he is infected with a parasitic wasp, but Nezumi saves him a second time, though Shion is left with white hair and a scar that looks like a red snake curling from his ankle to his neck.5 "Angel of Death" " Meifu no Tenshi "  August 4, 2011  26 Another person.6 has suddenly aged and died, this time a woman who worked at the Twilight House that Safu's grandmother is staying.They kiss again in the finale - with less confusion over whether it was romantically inclined - as they said their goodbye, with Shion deciding to patiently wait for him until the right time comes.

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While working at the park security, Shion learns of a mysterious parasite that makes people grow old and die in seconds before a wasp emerges from their necks.