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Kelly became a guidance counselor at West Beverly Hills High after earning a master's degree in Psychology.They rush to the hospital.

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one-way ticket to Mexico City to presumably join Diego and start a new life with him in Mexico. When Adrianna becomes more successful she starts playing the boss over Victor. He informs her he knows that she killed his uncle, and then blackmails her so they can continue dating. Once he came back from his suspension, his attitude changed from positive influence to strict enforcer, going as far as kicking Silver out of his class as revenge for what she said about him on her blog. At the end of the episode, Jackie suffers from a heart attack, and is taken to hospital. He has a very bad relationship with Liam and also cheats on Liam's mother Colleen. Jackie Taylor edit Jackie Taylor is portrayed by Ann Gillespie during the first and second season. Mark manages to take a naked photo of Annie with his cellphone, so he could show his friends that he hooked up with "the Principal's little girl." After the sext debacle, a visibly ashamed Mark tries to make amends with Annie, but she keeps brushing. Liam, in a sense, is a tougher version of Dylan McKay from the original porno series. She later realizes she wants to be better person, and vows to. Navid asks Adrianna to tell that she bought drugs from Jasper. Annie's happiness doesn't last for long as she finds out that Liam doesn't want to go to college and live near her. In the season finale Dixon forces Ethan to reveal that he does too, like Silver. Cannon sexually harassing her. Amazon had a number of nods this year, especially for its series The Marvelous Mrs. Out of spite, he ends up sleeping with her sister, Jen, during the prom night. Later the police arrive at Atherton's home to arrest and serve him with extradition, but inform Naomi that Atherton fled. We would expect a similar amount, if not more,. Unaware that Jasper was mito watching, Liam is attacked by Jasper by him setting fire to his boat, which he has spent a year working. They end up breaking up after Adrianna picks her daughter up from school and they go and tell him that they are friends. Grimes was cast after producers saw her acting a dramatic scene which they believe "she just killed." Played by Shenae Grimes, Annie is introduced as an aspiring actress who moves from Wichita, Kansas, to Beverly Hills with her family. Cannon and confronts him, calling him a piece of garbage. Cannon truly did have sexual intentions with her as he kisses her. In season two she returns and begins to reconnect with Dixon. They call the police and. John Schneider portrays Liam's plastic surgeon stepfather Jeffrey Sarkossian during the second season. In the season 2 finale Liam breaks up with Naomi then takes Annie on his newly finished boat. Jen appears to be broke, as she states to Ryan that she blew through a million dollars in 2 months, and also by the fact that she maxed out Naomi's credit card. In the middle of season 1, She finds out she is pregnant and later gives the baby up for adoption. Shortly beforehand, Adrianna discovers that she is pregnant, and that Ty was the father. Ethan and Silver share a kiss, and he tells her he wants to be with her.

And all parts sexy and gay Oscar will be a crucial part next season. In the porno season 2 episode" Making trouble for others, and his counselor sets events in motion. He gets into a fight with Ivy after she sees a picture on Facebook of Dixon taking shots off another girlapos. He meets Annie at the Beach Club gets her drunk and invites her to a cabaña that Navid had decorated to have sex with Adrianna. S conviction, at Thanksgiving, austin comes back from Vegas, the two girls get in a fight on the beach and start to hate each other. Annie later decides she does not care about Jasper blackmailing her and forgets about.

In todays roundup, the Television Academy unveils Samira Wiley and.Ryan Eggold as this years Emmy nominations presenters, while HBO adds three new cast members to their upcoming Watchmen.

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She tells Silver she is going to send a nude picture of her to the entire school. Second straight nomination gay for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and newcomer The 90210, silver then attempts to run away to Kansas. This seems to bring Navid and Adrianna closer again. He goes and lives with Dixon and Austin and eventually Silver and he become good friends again.

Meanwhile, she makes an enemy of sorority girl Holly, and they start an ongoing episodic banter of hatred.Austin help Naomi prepare the "Rock the Vote" party and they end up trapped in a van after the security guards think they were trying to get.

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She grows softer after giving birth to a boy she names "Jacques" though she is shown to be inept at childcare.